More Computers Sent to Africa





On Thursday 19 January 2012, our former computer consultant Dick made another journey to Computer Aid International with another car load of computers. Many people upgrade their computers at work on a regular basis, but their home computers are updated less frequently. Many of the home users are not sure what they should do with their old computers and are worried that allowing them to be recycled will result in loss of security and a loss of privacy. Dick makes sure that the whole disk is wiped clean and a new operating system is loaded before the computers go to Computer Aid. Computer Aid then clear the disks down a second time using industry standard software and provide a certified statement and guarantee that all the data and programmes have been removed. New software is loaded before the computers are shipped overseas. If you are in North West London and have old computers (Pentium 4 or better please) you would like to donate to Computer Aid International, the club will collect them (subject to location) and perform this service for you free of charge. Please contact us through the Club Webmaster.

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