Members are ‘vetted’ by Veterinary Nurse





Our speaker on Wednesday 23 March 2011 was Lizzie Linley, a veterinary nurse from a local practice. Lizzie talked about how she became involved with a veterinary practice in her home county of Yorkshire, and how she passed out on her first day. However, she soon aclimatised and decided she would like to become a veterinary nurse. Looking for a full time position led her to Edgware in North West London, and she completed her studies with that practice, where she still works. She can now take blood samples and perform simple procedures including removing sutures. To illustrate a typical patient, she told the story of Boris the hen who was attacked by a fox but survived. Boris ended up spending Christmas with her parents in Yorkshire and finally made a full recovery. Describing her leisure life, Lizzie can drive a tractor, has a whippet and a flat cap! She plays pool for a team in a local league, a skill she learned from her father. Thanks Lizzie for a humorous and interesting talk!

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