Duty Roster

On this page you can see who is doing what duty on which week for the next month or so. If you are unable to perform a duty, please arrange for a substitute and notify the Club Secretary and the Webmaster of the change. (If you fail to find a substitute, you need to let the Secretary know in good time to find a replacement.)

DateFellowshipObjectObject No.WelcomeVote of Thanks
04/04/2018Ritu, BryanRobert4John CN/A
11/04/2018Sydney, LucilleGeorgeAllJoyN/A
18/04/2018Bryan, AndrewAmrit1RosTBA
25/04/2018John E, HelenRachelle2EricMollie
02/05/2018Brian, BobRos3SandyN/A
09/05/2018Amrit, JoSandyAllSydneyN/A
16/05/2018Siva, RosRoy4AndrewRos
23/05/2018Rachelle, JoyJohn E1PushiRobert
30/05/2018George, SandyBob2John ETBA
06/06/2018Pushi, RituEric3RoyN/A
13/06/2018John C, RobertAndrewAllSivaN/A
20/06/2018Eric, RoyMike1JoJoy
27/06/2018Bryan, PankajRitu2BryanGeorge
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